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Our Mission

We want to empower founders, investors, and corporates to effectively build game changing companies that create a positive impact locally and globally.

To achieve our mission we are building a decentralized network of exceptional people aligned to our mission and united by our values.

Our Story

Over the last decade or so our team has been heavily involved in building the MENA startup ecosystem. As VC investors, corporate leaders, and startup operators we have seen the ecosystem evolve and learned about the pitfalls of venture building in MENA. 

In 2021, we decided to build a hybrid venture studio driven by our belief that this model can unlock the most value to founders and corporate partners.

Our ambition is to unlock the potential of the MENA region by building companies with local roots and global reach.

Our name is a reflection of our philosophy, the nature around us resonated with our beliefs.


We believe that great companies are built by exceptional people that join forces to face a problem head-on.

We also believe that companies that are built to last need to be agile and defendable, they need to persevere against all externalities.


Lastly we believe that scarcity is the mother of creativity, by being frugal we can unlock our creative potential and outcompete others.  

Our Philosophy

Domain Expertise

We continuously build our domain expertise in order to add value to our ventures.










Data & Analytics



Operating Model

Hiring & Retaining

Licensing & Operating

Board management

Financial modeling

Unit economics



Meet the Team

Our team has passion and perseverance for our long-term mission. Grit is the fundamental trait needed to succeed in the infinite game.

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