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We turn grains into dunes

We bring together exceptional people to innovate, collaborate, and build game changing companies.

We are a hybrid venture studio

Whether you are an aspiring founder, or a corporate looking to build the next game changing company we can help you achieve your vision .


We start with a problem to surface large unmet needs and develop strong venture concepts backed by powerful business models. We call this our EXPLORE phase.


We work full time alongside the founding team for the first crucial years. Leveraging our expertise, network, and process to ensure the venture turn into a fully operating and scalable business. We call this our NURTURE phase.


We build from within and obsess to achieve early validation. Once we start seeing early traction we assemble a team of exceptional talent and go from an MVP to a V1. We call this our GO phase.


We understand that not everyone is ready to start a business, founders and corporates alike. This is why we create highly scalable programs that can help you as an individual or organization acquire the basic mindset and tools . We call this our VENTURE READY phase

Unprecedented Speed. Impeccable Return.
The Venture Studio Model.

The venture studio movement started in 1996 in the US with IdeaLab. Over the last two decades the model gained significant momentum across the globe creating very successful companies like Yelp, Medium, dollar shave club among others.

The success of the model is primary linked to the fact that building a company is a repeatable process that you can continuously improve with the same team.


Today there are as many venture studios in the world as VC fund with global funding growing to 10Bn+.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Venture Experience


Of founders supported


Startup founded by Dunes


Global and local experts


Up-skilling programs delivered

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to take the plunge?

If you have a plan to build a venture as a founder or a corporate book a 1-hour introductory meeting to learn more about how we can support you

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